Built to deliver value-based care prior to, during and post consultations

Scribe is a Cloud-based EHR that provides 24/7, end-to-end access to patient medical records. With hands-on comprehensive documentation, physicians can gain in-depth patient knowledge and take safer, informed decisions at the moment of care.

Seamless, instant access on Android tablets enables clinical practice inside and outside of chamber, contributing to flexible work schedules.

E-Prescribing & Paper Prescriptions

Scribe’s intuitive algorithm will generate scribbled, digitized or paper prescriptions, faster and without hassle.

Ultra-modern, Cloud-based solution

For enhanced interoperability and real-time decision support.
Coordinate care seamlessly in multi-specialty facilities.

Build a strongly connected network and exchange patient medical records with your associates - specialists, nurses and staff - across departments and facilities. Digitized, documented resources will lay the context for guided treatment decisions by the entire care team.

Make your time spent at work more productive

Navigate through patient records easily and invest time in what matters the most - Patient Care!


Improve mobile documentation


Enhance patient engagement


Increase focus on patient care and safety

1-2 hours per day

Free up time spent on non-clinical paperwork

*As per various research studies

Fast, user-friendly and interactive

No bulky, hard-to-understand technologies. Scribe boasts a user-friendly interface and host of meaningful features that you can seamlessly integrate into your practice to enhance care outcomes.

Patient engagement tools

Make patients active partners in care journey. Send pre-visit instructions, share post-visit health tips and refer patients to CareClues website for experts-approved wellness content.

Pre-populated patient information

Pre-filled patient details will cut down your manual effort while creating prescriptions and clinical notes during consultations.

Integrated diagnostic labs and pharmacies

The lab tests you recommend or the medication you prescribe could be available at CareClues partner diagnostic labs and pharmacies.

Lab orders, results upload and doctor review

Recommend lab tests via Scribe and review test results uploaded by your patients via CareClues website.

We empower healthcare providers to deliver quality care.

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Trust us with your data security and privacy

Confidentiality is an important concern when it comes to your patient data. Scribe is a Cloud-based (AWS), HIPAA-compliant solution with multiple data backups for data security. Its end-to-end encryption will protect your data from security breaches.

Your Questions.Our Answers.

Scribe is designed with scalability in mind.

We can support individual practitioners as well as large-scale multi-specialty facilities.