CareClues Medic
(Practice Management App for Doctors) only
  • Personalized physician profile
  • Online consultation & follow-ups booking
  • Access to patient medical records
  • Real-time appointment notifications & reminders
  • Telemedicine - video, phone & chat consultations
  • Revenue reports & business insights
  • Calendar management across multiple clinics
  • Single window view for all appointments
  • Provision to mark delays, follow-ups & cancellations
  • Provision to accept/reject consultation requests
  • Digital medical billing & revenue cycle management (RCM)
  • User access transfer to staff
  • Postpaid billing cycles to earn now & pay later
CareClues Medic (Practice Management App for Doctors)
CareClues Scribe (Electronic Health Records Software)

Features of Medic


  • Smart preview to minimize errors
  • Intuitive algorithm-based prescription generation
  • Scribble e-prescriptions using image & diagram
  • Scribbled & digitized e-prescriptions
  • Pre-populated patient information
  • Access to patient medical records
  • Direct follow-ups booking from EHR tab
  • E-prescription sharing functionality
  • Automated refills
  • Include clinical notes/diagrams, lab orders & vitals in e-prescriptions
  • Leverage templates to reduce consultation time
  • Pharmaceutical company name display for prescribed medicines
  • Templates to add new medicines in the industry for future use
  • Functionality to put signatures on e-prescriptions

End-to-end onboarding, on-site training and support

CareClues provides hands-on, end-to-end training at the time of initial product set-up in your own clinic or hospital environment.

Your staff will be showcased and trained to operate all the features and settings based on their roles and the precise process flow at your facility.

Plus, we remain available 24/7 for one-on-one technical support, whenever you need help. Contact us here in case of any issues.

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