More channels, more appointments

  • Increase patient base through multiple channels of appointment booking - patient portal, hospital/clinic website widgets, call center, patient/doctor app, OPD staff, walk-in patients and social media platforms
  • View all appointments at a glance or apply filters to sort them based on real-time status
Boost patient flows, engagement and conversions
Elevate workflows
Increase time availability for consultations
Reduce operational

We understand how each unit adds up to the whole of your practice.

Command has something for your entire team. Leverage its features for every role, and gain individual and collective benefits for your facility.

Front desk executives
  • Everything from patient check-in, appointment booking, queues movement to patient data storage is managed by Command
  • Spend less time on screens and focus on what matters the most – Patient Service!
  • Single-window calendar view across multiple clinics allows better workday planning
  • Mark delays, cancel or reschedule appointments and the system updates your staff and patients instantly
  • With e-prescribing and EHR, there’s no need to handwrite prescriptions/clinical notes or scramble endlessly for documents
  • Command makes way for smooth handoffs and seamless, cohesive relationships across departments and facilities
  • Access patient medical records 24/7 for coordinated care decisions
Center heads
  • View the real-time scenario of a facility remotely - appointments booked, doctors’ availability, procedures scheduled, payments received and staff leaves
  • Easy monitoring and supervision with outline of tasks and summary of events
  • Know your roadmap and performance with powerful, easy-to-interpret insights backed by data reports and dashboards
Billing assistants
  • Side-step complex calculations and maintenance of numerous records with digital bills processing
  • No long queues will line-up for payments at the counter, freeing up a lot of staff time
IT specialists
  • Built-in features in Command will holistically take care of data security, privacy, configuration settings and technical system run
  • On top of that, our operations team is available 24/7 to resolve technical bugs, if any, or assist with other functionalities

Patient feedback reporting to eliminate patient dropout

Patient feedback reporting via online channels will detect precise problem areas for improvement and check patient defection to other providers.

Integrated pharmacies and diagnostic labs

Maximize patient ease with home sample collections and online medicine purchase via our verified network of partner labs and pharmacies integrated through Command.

Automated notifications and reminders

Increase appointment attendance and reduce no-shows, delays and cancellations with automated reminders and alerts via WhatsApp, email and SMS.

Scan physician and facility calendar

Create, edit and view schedules instantly for doctors, appointments, procedures, clinics and hospitals.

We are digitally-optimized and can build your practice from square one.
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CareClues Command is an all-in-one comprehensive solution for medical practices.

Save administrative time and costs. Attend to more patients. Improve care decisions during clinical encounters. Build seamless handoffs and connections across all OPD departments in multi-specialty facilities. And, do more…..

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