Patient check-in and appointment booking

Grow your practice by accepting appointment bookings from multiple channels - hospital/clinic website widgets, patient portal, doctor/patient app, call center, social media platforms and OPD staff.

Want your staff to manage your workflows?

Command comes with role-based access transfer control so that your staff can manage day-to-day operations,
such as appointments, digital payments, patient medical records and e-pharmacy orders while you just practice.

What more? Its intuitive features are designed to reduce workloads so that your staff
and resources do not reach their breaking point.

CareClues guarantee is CareClues advantage

Hate those bugs that would come and never go, interrupting your all-important operations? Breathe easy!

We are powered by next-generation, world-class technologies to give you a seamless, glitch-free experience.

Rest assured about data security too. Your data belongs to only you.


We implement Command at scale depending on the size of your clinic or hospital so that no issues are faced while managing the workflows.

Data privacy and security
  • Command is hosted on a Cloud-based (AWS), HIPAA-compliant server with various data backups for data security
  • Plus, end-to-end encryption increases data security manifold
  • Legality won’t be an issue while offering telemedicine as we meet MoHFW, Government of India guidelines
High uptime, fast and hitch-free system run

In-house developed, mainstream IT technologies in our solutions are industry-leading and designed to lay the foundation of a smooth system run, despite heavy workloads.

Integration with various other technical set-ups

Command is seamlessly compatible and can integrate with CareClues proprietary products, such as CareClues Tracker, CareClues Scribe, CareClues Medic and CareClues RxStore.

End-to-end onboarding, training and support
  • We’ll provide end-to-end, hands-on training to your staff at the time of initial product set-up
  • After this, we will also be available for one-on-one support, whenever you need help
  • Contact us here in case of any technical issues

Are chaotic, dated processes holding you back?

Float calmly through your day.

Track and organize your clinical practice and processes effortlessly on the web, Android, iPhone and iPad.

Command is an ultra-modern PMS purpose-built to streamline operations, patient flows, revenues, reporting, patient engagement and costs across the continuum of care.

A fit-all solution for independent, large-scale and other healthcare settings.

We are a curated ecosystem of providers and patients.

Make us your technology partner and be ready for a game changer.

Produce better health and practice outcomes.

Trust the numbers

Our presence spans across multiple cities

11,000+doctors connected
10,000+hospitals & clinics onboard
3,00,000+patients served
55,000+appointments scheduled
20,000+online consultations completed
10,000+patient medical records maintained

Kick start your practice with Command.

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