Who We Are

CareClues offers state-of-the-art clinic management solutions so your clinic has everything it needs in one place. Get unlimited access to our healthtech thanks to cloud-based architecture and cross-platform compatibility.

Our comprehensive, easy-to-use services are used by everyone from standalone primary care practices to multi-site, multidisciplinary clinics. We host our products on HIPAA-compliant servers within Amazon Cloud with various data backups for data security.

  • Multichannel Appointment Booking
  • E-prescription Generation
  • Teleconsultation Infrastructure
  • Health Records & Lab Procedure Management
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Targeted Marketing
  • Role-based Access Control
  • Customer Feedback Management
  • Patient Communication

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Give your clinic a boost

CareClues has something for every need

Increase Revenue

Supplement your clinic’s income by taking your practice online. Implement online consultation, set your own fees, and maximize geographical penetration across all patient demographics.

Consult Patients Digitally

Attend to patients’ needs, schedule follow-ups, discuss test results, and prescribe medication online. Save time on in-person visits.

Grow Your Reach

Expand your clinical presence beyond your own area. Get access to thousands of CareClues patients from around the country, all waiting for your expert advice. Increase your patient flow with one-on-one virtual consultations.

Monetize Your Time

CareClues converts all consultations into payments. Resolve problems with unnecessary patient visits, notifications/chats, and unpaid calls for greater customer satisfaction and more income.

Build Reputation

Improve your clinic’s reputation online and increase your presence. Get more patients and raise awareness about your specialty and services.

Get Insights

Clinics find it easier to monitor appointments via the CareClues Medic app. They can track appointments for the day and view details of past appointments. The data can be used to generate various reports, including which days or slots are busier than others and which services are in demand.

Get ‘smart’ and serve patients better

Adopt the right CareClues products

CareClues Command

Take your practice & OPD operations to the next level

Seamlessly execute routine clinical workflows, optimize your outpatient department, & improve the quality of patient care for higher footfall & better business prospects.

CareClues Tracker

Reduce patient wait times to keep clinical operations running smoothly

Decongest waiting rooms & enjoy better control over queue formation with accurate ETA forecast & centralized monitoring of patient flow across multiple counters.

CareClues Medic

Manage every aspect of your clinic digitally

Streamline your clinical practice & handle tasks to strengthen patient relationships & increase your digital presence for higher revenue.

CareClues Teleconsultation

Broaden your clinical landscape to deliver care anytime, anywhere

Set up a virtual clinic for remote consultations via phone, video & chat to expand your reach & ensure revenue & patient flow stability.

CareClues RxStore

Boost online sales turnover & manage sales cycle

Integrate your clinic & pharmacy to take your business online for streamlined pharmacy operations, seamless execution of administrative tasks & faster completion of orders.

The safest place for your data.

256-bit End-to-End Encryption
Amazon Web Services
Automated Backups
IP Whitelisting (For Administrative Purposes)
Two-Factor Authentication (For Administrators)

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