Dr. Anirban BiswasNeurologist, ENT/ OtorhinolaryngologistMBBS, MS - ENT, Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology (DLO)CareClues35 years experience
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  • Pure - Tone Audiometry
  • Tympanometry
  • BERA
  • ASSR
  • Hearing Aid Trials
  • Craniocorpography (CCG) and Electronystagmography (ENG).Videonystagmography(VNG)
  • Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials(VEMP)
  • Stabilometry
  • Transcranial Doppler Study (TCD)
  • Audiological Tests
  • Vestibular Functions Tests
  • Associated Test - NCV
  • Dispensing High End Hearing Aid
  • Psycological Assesment / Counselling
  • Consultation / Therapy for hearing & balance disorders
  • Vertigo Treatment
  • Insomnia Treatment


  • Neurologist
  • ENT/ Otorhinolaryngologist

Awards and Recognitions

  • Award, TATO-CLAUSSEN for Extraordinary in the field of Applied Neurootology and Therapies of Neurootological Disorders
  • Authored, Physical Therapy For Balance Disorder Patients
  • Authored, Audiovestibular Date Management Software (ADMS)
  • Paper Presentation, national and international conferences on neurotology and ENT.Workshop and Seminar, vertigo and deafness in different parts of the country and abroad including a yearly course on neurotology & medical audiology.
  • Written university text books on neurotology: Clinical Audiovestibulometry for Otologists & Neurologists
  • Written university text books on neurotology: An Introdiuction to Neurotology
  • Authored – book titled “PHYSICAL THERAPY FOR BALANCE DISORDER PATIENTS” a complete book for patients with vertigo/imbalance demonstrating the different types of physical therapies like the Cawthrore Cooksey Exercises, Yogic Asanas and Taichi for restoration of dearranged balance function. There is one hour Video CD along with the book.
  • Authored a book on patient education titled “Understanding Hearing Aids”
  • Authored a book titled “A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO BALANCE DISORDERS & ITS ETHICAL MANAGEMENT” which deals with the cognitive and psychological aspects of vertigo and imbalance and the current ethical management of balance disorders
  • Authored a book titled ” VEMP-Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials and other tests to evaluate Otolithic function”
  • Authored a book titled “Contemporary HEARING AIDS and related devices- an otologist’s perspective” (1st edition 2015)
  • Authored an interactive software Audiovestibular Data Management Software (ADMS) for diagnosis & management of patients suffering from vertigo and /or deafness. The software can document the history and clinical tests of the patients, can automatically generate reports for all related investigations like ENG, CCG, Puretone and Impedence Audiometry etc. and also diagnose and generate the relevant prescriptions.
  • Selected as member of BARANY SOCIETY for his contribution to the discipline of neurotology in 1997. This is the highest international academic recognition in neurotology.
  • Member of the Politzer Society
  • Received the FRENZEL SAKATA AWARD from the International Neuroological & Equilibriometric Society at its 45th annual conference at Kiev, Ukraine for acheivements in the fields of applied Neurotology and for contributing to the advancements of the International Neurotological and Equilibriometric Society
  • Awarded Fellowship of the Indian Academy of Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery in 2018
  • Ex-President of the Neurotological and Equilibriometric Society of India (for 1999-2001).
  • Ex-Editor of the Indian Journal of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery (from January 2000 to December 2005).
  • Currently Editor of Annals of Otology and Neurotology, the scientific publication of the Indian Society of Otology
  • Contributed the chapters on neurotology in two undergraduate ENT text-books published in India and in many other books on neurotology.
  • Delivered guest lectures and presented papers in national and international conferences on neurotology, neurology and ENT.
  • Conducted pre-conference CME programmes on behalf of AOI and other national professional bodies like ISO, IAOHNS, ,Indian Academy of Neurology, IMA etc..


  • Belle Vue Clinic, Kolkata, Consultant
  • Vertigo and Deafness Clinic, Consultant , 1990
  • Neurotology Clinic, Consultant


  • 40625


  • Ex - Editor, The Journal of Indian society of Otology
  • Ex - Editor, The Indian Journal of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery
  • Ex - President, The Association OF Otoorlaryngologist of India.
  • Member, Editorial boared of International Tinnitus Journal
  • President, Neurotological and Equilibriometric Society
  • President, Association of Otolaryingologist
Shikha Sarkar Road, S.S.K.M. Hospital, Bhowanipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700020Seth Sukhlal Karnani Memorial Hospital (SSKM & IPGMER)
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