Dr. Madhurima VidyarthiDiabetologist, EndocrinologistMBBS, MRCP (UK), CCT - Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus, Post Graduate Diploma in Endocrinology, Post Graduate Diploma in Diabetology (PGDD)(University of Leicester, UK), FRCP - EndocrinologyCareClues22 years experience
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  • Diabetic Foot Care
  • Diabetes Check up
  • Diabetic Wounds
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Diabetes Type 2
  • Diabetes Ketones


  • Diabetologist
  • Endocrinologist

Awards and Recognitions

  • Best Student, General Medicine, 3rd Prof. MBBS Examination
  • Best Student, Forensic & State Medicine, 2nd Prof. MBBS Examination
  • Certificate of Excellence- Seminar on the Biochemistry of Carbohydrates
  • Publication : Madhurima Vidyarthi and Tahseen A Chowdhury. Correspondence : Diagnosis and early management of hyperglycaemic emergencies in the emergency department.
  • Publication : Madhurima Vidyarthi, Belayet Hossain, Eltayeb Marouf, Zahra Khatami, and Nemanja D Stojanovic The Clinical Course of a Non-Islet Cell Tumor Causing Hypoglycemia: A Complex Case of Doege-Potter Syndrome
  • Publication : M Vidyarthi, Z Khatami, R Grant, S ElNaas, K Nikookam, Edel M Casey, Belayet Hossain, Eltayeb Marouf, Frederick M Nkonge, and Nemanja D Stojanovic. Referrals for Surgery in Patients with Asymptomatic Primary Hyperparathyroidism: The Im
  • Publication : Nemanja Stojanovic, Kirun Gunganah, Madhurima Vidyarthi, Sanjiv Chawda, Zahra Khatami, and Jonathan Pollock Management of a Woman with Giant Invasive Prolactinoma and Pituitary Apoplexy -- A Multidisciplinary Team Effort
  • Publication : Vidyarthi M, Chowdhury TA. Acute medical care: A complicated hyperglycaemic emergency. Clinical Medicine
  • Publication : Madhurima Vidyarthi, Zabeer Rashid, Tahseen Chowdhury, David Peterson. Severe thermal injury of the neuropathic diabetic foot: A case report. The Diabetic Foot Journal
  • PG Diploma in Endocrinology and Diabetes, 2013 Queen Mary University of London
  • Specialty Certificate of Diabetes and Endocrinology - Royal College of Physicians of London, United Kingdom, 2012


  • Woodlands Multispecialty Hospital, Kolkata, Visiting Consultant
  • King George Hospital, London, Specialist Registrar
  • St Bartholomew's Hospital, London, Specialist Registrar
  • Queen's Hospital, London, Specialist Registrar
  • The Royal London Hospital, London, Specialist Registrar
  • Newham University Hospital, London, Specialist Registrar
  • Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences, Kolkata, Consultant


  • 57151 , 2001


  • Member, Royal College of Physicians (London)
124, Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, MukundapurRabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences
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