Do you rely on field representatives for in-clinic visits? Physicians are now less welcoming of medical representatives, favoring digital information resources instead. Add digital touchpoints to engage doctors in future.

CareClues’ digital resources allow you to connect with doctors while improving your overall brand experience. Our products offer greater value to physicians & enable you to better understand their mindset for devising relevant marketing strategies. Going digital makes you agile, helping you tweak strategies in real-time based on the doctors’ behavior.

Best in Digital Healthcare for You & Your Representatives

Overcome Common Challenges in the Industry

A Platform That Scales with Your Company

Our suite of products ensures successful connectivity with the medical community.

Reach out to physicians at the specified time & relay more accurate information

Uninterrupted digital communication without in-person visits

No additional incentives for doctors to recommend products

Track movement of drugs easily with location wise anonymous data

Gain access to sales & marketing intelligence with respect to region & locality

Automated digitization & organization of business data

Your Benefits

    CareClues Medic
  • Increased visibility on digital channelsCareClues
  • Increased online footfall & potential leadsCareClues
  • More appointments from multichannel bookingsCareClues
  • Promotion via dedicated clinic profileCareClues
  • Patient portal for check-ins & registrationCareClues
  • Robust telemedicine infrastructureCareClues
  • Revenue reports & EOD summaryCareClues
    CareClues Scribe
  • CareCluesDigital resources for better care management
  • CareCluesCloud-based EHR for 24/7 access & sharing
  • CareCluesCoordinated care in multi-specialty facilities
  • CareCluesIntuitive algorithm for fast prescription generation
  • CareCluesAutomated workflows & diagnostics test management
  • CareCluesFollow-up consultation scheduling & reminders
  • CareCluesReduced infrastructure requirements

An innovative approach to market your pharma products…

CareClues works with pharmaceutical manufacturers & offers convenient access to verified physicians & reliable product promotion. Give your MR activities a boost with CareClues products, available 24/7 from digital devices, like desktops, laptops, tablets, & smartphones.