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CareClues collaborates with leading insurance companies to deliver virtual care across multiple verticals.

We develop tailored solutions for your customers & continually modernize the healthcare experience to provide high-quality care.

Nothing But the Best in Healthcare for Your Customers

Company Practices

CareClues provides comprehensive healthcare services & delivers a program personalized as per your customers’ needs & benefits.

Customer Engagement

Offer our best-in-class healthcare services to engage customers & improve engagement. Our team provides round-the-clock healthcare coverage, a support center with a specialized product portfolio, & quick turnaround for superior customer experience.

Provider Support

Our medical providers (doctors/clinics/hospitals) can cater to your customers’ requirements, including urgent & primary care physicians, mental health specialists, gynecologists, nutritionists, & more.

Organization Management

CareClues is accelerating the adoption of digital care. Our innovative, analytics-driven algorithm delivers industry-leading utilization to eliminate unnecessary costs & create efficiencies.

How We Work

Our suite of products & services ensures successful healthcare delivery to your customers.


Customers speak to physicians about health issues over call. Solutions for various medical issues on-the-go removes the need to visit doctors in-person.


Customers participate in video calls with doctors & discuss health issues face-to-face. Effective, reliable communication helps people explain symptoms & receive timely treatment.


Physicians use the CareClues platform to attend to chat consultation requests from customers. Get responses on non-emergency health conditions across specialties.

Patient App & Portal

Customers can download the CareClues app & quickly resolve health issues via online health consultation. Enjoy 24/7 access to digital medical records.

Clinical Programs

We collaborate with insurance providers to create curated health packages & lab tests for the health of their customers.

Post-Consultation Care

Customers receive a copy of digital prescription & suggestions for fulfilment via network partners without any travel.

Get the CareClues Advantage

Leave it to us to focus on understanding your customers’ needs & analyze their requirements.

Benefits for Insurers
  • Simple, user-friendly infrastructure
  • Option for system integration with insurance companies
  • Access to preventive healthcare reduces chances of critical illness, resulting in more profit
  • Reduction of load on physical infrastructure of healthcare providers, offering more leverage for negotiation with the insurance company
  • Quick resolution of customer health concerns
  • Data security & ownership
Benefits for Customers
  • Phone/Video/Chat consultations with top doctors
  • Digital health records & prescriptions
  • Almost 95% reduction reduction in wait times
  • Facility to add up to 4 family members
  • Easy access to diagnostics
  • Secure upload/access to health records
  • Easy-to-use technology with 24/7 assistance

Increase customer goodwill with better healthcare…

Give them the option to avail uninterrupted, quality healthcare from the comfort of their homes. Our state-of-the-art technology gives rise to new processes & capabilities that reduce wastage & satisfy your customers.

CareClues offers your customers high-quality, convenient access to verified physicians & reliable information when they’re ill. By partnering with us, you offer customers peace of mind & the comfort of getting care, avoiding unnecessary urgent care & OPD visits. CareClues products are available 24/7 from digital devices, like desktops, laptops, tablets, & smartphones.