About Us

We aspire to improve health experiences & outcomes for governments we serve while reducing the total cost of care.


Your Challenges. Our Solutions.

  • Accessible, timely healthcare services
  • No geographical & infrastructure limitations
  • Ready-to-use telemedicine setup
  • Accurate, reliable patient database
  • Technological advancement & integrated healthcare
  • Monitor, evaluate, & deliver optimal health services

Multiple Tools. One Goal.

Accessible Healthcare for All.

CareClues Command

Governments can use Command to establish an interconnected system that manages patient flow & enables doctors/staff across multiple government hospitals to relieve administrative burdens, upload paper prescriptions, close care gaps, conduct teleconsultations, view business analytics, & maintain centralized healthcare data of the population.

CareClues Tracker

A Machine Learning-based predictive queue management system for centralized monitoring of patient flow at various points. Improve service quality in government healthcare facilities with end-to-end patient visit transparency.

CareClues Medic

A compact software that helps government physicians generate digital prescriptions & manage all their appointments (in-person/telemedicine), & follow-ups from a single platform. Perfect for streamlining clinical practices, maintaining confidential medical records, & strengthening physician-patient relationships.

CareClues Scribe

A Cloud-based EHR software for e-prescription generation & systematized digital archiving & transmission of patient medical information in government hospitals. Hands-on access to prescriptions & citizen health data promotes medication adherence, health status monitoring, & preventive care.

CareClues Patient App

An intuitive, personalized medical assistant for digitized healthcare services on the go. Citizens can find government doctors across multiple specialties for appointment bookings, telemedicine, diagnostic tests, & emergency services.

CareClues RxStore

A pharmacy app designed to organize daily pharmacy operations for sales across all government dispensaries. Innovative features like drug substitute recommendations help complete orders quickly & prevent drug abuse.

Why Us?

We align our goals & objectives with your government’s master plan to improve the health of your citizens via technology & enabling data exchange for service delivery.

Our collaborative strategy focuses on four areas:

  • Ensure digital health governance arrangements
  • Overcome foundational challenges in terms of infrastructure & standards
  • Prioritize improvements in the current healthcare system
  • Build the digital skills & knowledge of local healthcare providers