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Nothing But the Best in Healthcare for Your Staff

Employer Practices

CareClues provides each employer comprehensive healthcare services, & delivers a program customized to their employee needs, health & fitness goals, & benefits.

Staff Engagement

Have our best-in-class healthcare services at your fingertips to engage workers & improve productivity. Our team provides round-the-clock healthcare coverage, a support center with customizable product portfolio, & quick turnaround for superior patient experience.

Provider Support

Our medical providers (doctors/clinics/hospitals) can cater to your employees’ requirements, including urgent & primary care physicians, mental health specialists, gynecologists, nutritionists, & more.

Organization Management

CareClues is accelerating the adoption of digital care. Our innovative member experience & analytics-driven engagement delivers industry-leading utilization. Avail our services to eliminate unnecessary costs & create efficiencies.

CareClues works for employees with or without traditional medical benefits & offers high-quality, convenient access to verified physicians & reliable information when they’re ill. Give your employees peace of mind & the comfort of getting care, avoiding unnecessary urgent care & OPD visits. CareClues products are available 24/7 from digital devices, like desktops, laptops, tablets, & smartphones.

A novel approach to keeping employees healthy…

CareClues is an online healthtech company that offers employees an all-in-one solution when they fall sick, from the first question or symptom all the way through getting well.

A Flexible Platform for Your Employees’ Unique Healthcare Needs

Our suite of products ensures successful connectivity with the medical community.

Enhanced Accessibility

  • Ready-to-use cloud-based healthcare applications
  • Intuitive user experience for employees & employers from the hospital to the workplace to the home

Intelligent Connectivity

  • Connect with our operations & support teams
  • Integrate different remote care models

Strong Security

  • Access industry-centric care technology on an established health platform
  • Meet compliance requirements including HIPAA & more

A Platform That Scales with Your Organization

Our suite of products & services ensures successful healthcare delivery to your employees.


Patient App & Portal

Employees can download the CareClues app & quickly resolve health issues via online health consultation. Enjoy multi-medium (phone/video/chat) consultations & 24/7 access to digital medical records.

Health Resources

Ensure the well-being of the staff in your organization through a handpicked collection of health tips, articles, quizzes, polls, & videos. A healthier workforce will reduce direct costs (compensation claims & insurance premiums) & positively impact many indirect costs (absenteeism).

Diagnostics Programs

We curate customized health tests & lab packages to protect the health and well-being of your employees.

If you want more details about our industry-specific services or wish to partner with the CareClues health tech network, contact us.