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im 6 months pregnant..feeling tensed already about the delivery..a lot of fear in heart n mind..need to calm down. Is thr any meditation or yoga pose for me? But ivnt done meditation ever bfr..pls suggest some easy exercise as m a beginner.
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Certainly, meditation will help you manage stress, anxiety and depression. It will cast the gloom away and promote healthy pregnancy. It will give you peace and tranquility so that you’re always at rest. Sit down on a mat with your back erect. The shoulders, neck and the rest of the torso be relaxed. Scan over your body to see if there’s tension in any area. Close your eyes and attend to your breath. Do not attempt to change its pace or volume. Simply notice how the breathing feels. You can breathe deeply, in a natural way, it’s good. If not, do not push yourself to do it. Lastly, try to hold the reins of your mind. There may be a rush of thoughts but try to calm the mind down and make it focus on a singular point – possibly your breath or some mental image.

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