like all adolescent girls, my daughter wants to lose weight..but I dnt want to send her on d wrong path of dieting n dieting..pls suggest a healthy Yoga exercise for weight loss for my 17 year old daughter.
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You’re right. Yoga holds a healthy route to weight loss. With Yoga, your teenage daughter can bypass the nutritional deficiencies associated with diet crunches. She can perform the Virabhadrasana B or the Warrior II pose. It tones the thigh and shoulder muscles other than aiding to help lose weight. Bend your right leg’s knee such that the thigh stands parallel to the floor. Hold this posture for as long as you can so that the quads get tight. One tip that will help you in overseeing the difficult of this pose and maintain it for long is to keep the mind calm and breathe peacefully. Swap the legs and perform again with the left one ahead this time.

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