Why is it important to manage the signs of obesity?
In most cases, obesity is a lifelong problem. There are multiple factors responsible for this condition like genetic, endocrine and certain drugs. Thus, treatment needs to take all the information into consideration. However, it is important to manage obesity since it increases the risk of other health problems and diseases, including: • Diabetes • Stroke • Gallstones • Lung disease • Gout • Colon cancer • Endometrial cancer • Dementia • Depression • Osteoarthritis • Fungal rashes in the folds of skin • High blood pressure • Heart disease • Insomnia from snoring Depression is among the most common results of obesity. A lot of obese people experience emotional distress. They are even subjected to prejudice, discrimination, and ridicule, which makes them feel rejected or ashamed. Obesity also causes diabetes mellitus. Thankfully, the disease and its symptoms are preventable. In clinical studies, obese patients who were at risk of contracting diabetes lowered their risk by nearly 60 percent with less than 10 percent loss of weight in three years.
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