Why does stress turn into depression?
Stress, over an extended period of time, can develop into depression. The below factors will help us understand the long-term links between stress and depression: • Flurried Activity of the Stress Response System: Our stress defense mechanism activates on perceiving danger. Racing heartbeat, breathlessness and rapid reaction time are few of its palpable signs. Most importantly, chemical signals pace up the flow of stress hormones in the bloodstream. However, when stress endures, it often calls forth an over-release of stress hormones (cortisol) and decrease of the feel-good neurotransmitters (serotonin and dopamine) in the brain. Persistent chemical reactions such as these may be an offshoot of modern lifestyle when many of us cling to stress and anxiety all the time or due to recurrent stressful life situations in some individuals’ lives. Whatever the case, an unending functionality of the stress response mechanism can induce depressive symptoms. • Improper Functioning of Biological Processes: Uncontrolled chemical reactions in the body cause the basic biological processes like appetite, sleep, energy level, libido, mood etc. to go awry. Sleep disorders or mood dysfunctions, for example, often come as a warning to bouts of depression. • Prolonged Ill-Feelings: Tragedies like death of a kin, snapping of a relationship, war, natural disaster, miscarriage, job loss etc. can be intense stressors for some individuals. On the other hand, stress may pile up from ongoing life situations like job targets, marital fights, domestic issues, financial challenges, managing a chronic disease etc. In both cases, persevering despair can evolve to become depression. • Habit-Induced Depression: An aftermath of stress is falling into the loop of unhealthy lifestyle. Substance abuse, smoking, over or under eating, intermittent or no physical activity, oversleeping or insomnia etc. are some examples of detrimental habits that can become big risk factors for depression.
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