Which weight loss plans actually yield positive results?
Your weight loss regimen, however rigorous, may sometimes not bear fruits. No reason to be discouraged. You can optimize your schedule with these result-oriented tips. • Fix Meal Timings: Removing calories totally from your diet may end up in poor calorie consumption and in turn slow metabolism. Skipping meals, especially, breakfast and lunch may cause binge-eating later which delays insulin response and triggers weight gain. We should stick to the healthy plan of three meals a day with nutritious snacking in between. Likewise, a bowl of yogurt, sprout salad or fruit chart before meals will suppress hunger for the main course. Drink water quite some time before your meals to intensify this effect. • Stock Healthy Foods: Stocking your pantry regularly with good-for-you edibles helps cultivate healthy eating habits. You will feel less inclined to step out and buy your favorite food items in case these are unavailable at home. Grab foods full of proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals like whole grains, lentils, veggies, fruits, nuts, eggs, lean meats, seeds, coconut/olive/vegetable oils and more. You can have these alone or paired with everything else you consume like rice, pasta, wheat etc. to balance out the unhealthy portions from your diet. Plenty of protein and fiber intake keeps you feeling fuller for long. • Never Pile up Dinner Tables: The ambience of eating has a significant effect on hunger. The pleasant aroma and visuals of delicious dishes can tempt us into overeating. Instead of placing large containers on dinner table, we ought to lay food out of sight to limit second servings. Likewise, go for small plates to measure out portions and do not devour food quickly letting your mind register satisfaction. • Go for Intermittent Fasting and Cheat Meals: Indulgence need not be stopped completely during the course of a diet plan. Switching between restricted eating and dietary cheating will check undernourishment, feelings of impoverishment and boost metabolism.
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