Which treatment options are available for erectile dysfunction?
People suffering from erectile dysfunction or male impotence can choose from a wide range of treatment options in India. • PDE5 Inhibitors: PDE5 inhibitors are a group of drugs that enable men to achieve and sustain an erection. Used in conjunction with sexual stimulation, these drugs boost blood flow to your penis, making your erection last longer. However, the drugs will have no effect if the nerves controlling the erection are damaged or removed. The problem of damaged nerves can be resolved with penile implants, especially in older men with diabetes. But if you suffer from a particular heart condition or take nitrates, then you should consult your physician before proceeding with this cure. • Erectogenic Medication: Other oral drugs that can give you an erection include Yohimbine, Phentolamine and Trazodone. • Direct Agents: In severe cases of male impotence, the doctor might administer alprostadil into the penis as an intra-urethral suppository or an injection. The former approach, known as MUSE or medicated urethral system for erection leads to direct relaxation of the vessels and provokes erection without sexual stimulation. • Lifestyle Changes: Ayurveda recommends meditation and yoga to erectile dysfunction patients who want to refresh their mind and energize their body. The faster your body reacts to the treatment, the quicker your erectile dysfunction is cured. There are different natural and medical treatment options available to men suffering from erectile dysfunction. But before choosing the latest one based on the severity of your condition, make it a point to consult your physician for the best course of treatment.
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