Which teas help lose weight?
A cup of tea can be more than delicious. It is healthy and can aid you in watching weight. Here’s a research-backed list of teas that can help you shed excess pounds. • Pu'er or Pu-erh Tea: This Chinese black tea helps regulate blood sugar and triglycerides. Pick raw and fresh puerh tea extract for a more intensive action on stored fat. • Blue Tea: It is made with butterfly pea flower that is well known for its weight loss potential. Its anti-obesity action owes to improvement in metabolism that is instrumental in burning piled up fat. You can drink this tea daily to combat a fatty liver. • Green Tea: Loaded with various active compounds, green tea is well known for its fat metabolizing effects. Caffeine in green tea is responsible to melt accumulated fat. Similarly, the natural antioxidants – catechins – in green tea extract boost metabolism and the consequent burning of calories. A squeeze of lemon in your green tea can enhance its antioxidant action. • White Tea: Rich in catechins, this tea gives a boost to metabolism and controls appetite. White tea extract plays a critical role in decomposing fat cells and preventing formation of new ones. • Matcha: This highly concentrated tea is a powdered variant of regular green tea with the same ingredients and associated benefits. • Black Tea: Flavones in black tea help normalize body mass, weight and waist circumference. • Oolong Tea: This traditional Chinese tea is another great beverage to boost metabolism. It accelerates burning of fat and causes weight loss. • Herbal Tea: Concoctions of herbs, flowers, spices or fruits, herbal teas are also key in fat reduction. Rooibos tea activates fat metabolism and checks formation of fat cells. Hibiscus tea contains organic acids, polysaccharides, flavonoids and anthocyanins that boost metabolism, curb the absorption of sugar and starches, reverse weight gain and increase liquid intake.
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