Which is the best type of meditation for you?
Meditation imparts heightened awareness and relaxation by sharpening our senses. Studies show that meditation offers a lot more than temporary stress relief. People who meditate regularly can improve their physical well-being and emotional health. But there’s no proper way to meditate; you must explore the various types until you find one that suits you. The best meditation practices include the ones mentioned below: • Loving-Kindness Meditation: Also called Metta meditation, this cultivates an attitude of kindness and love toward everything, including sources of stress and person’s enemies. Ideal for people with anger issues, resentment, frustration, and interpersonal conflict. Also has positive effects on PTSD survivors, and patients suffering from anxiety and depression. • Progressive Relaxation: Sometimes known as body scan meditation, it encourages practitioners to scan their physical selves and discover tension areas, thereby facilitating its release. Apart from promoting calmness and relaxation, this meditation also helps deal with chronic pain. • Mindfulness Meditation: This meditation helps people stay aware and present in the moment. People can do this meditation almost anywhere and improve their memory, focus, and relationship satisfaction. It also helps them reduce emotional, impulsive reactions and fixation on negative emotions. • Breath Awareness Meditation: This type of mindful meditation promotes mindful breathing, concentration, and greater emotional flexibility while decreasing anxiety. • Kundalini Yoga: A physically active form of meditation combining movements with mantras and deep breathing, Kundalini yoga improves physical strength and decreases pain. It also reduces depression and anxiety, and improves mental health. • Zen Meditation: Also called Zazen, this meditation involves specific postures and steps. The goal involves finding a comfortable position, focusing on breathing, and mindfully observing a person’s thoughts without any judgment. People who want to relax and seek a new spiritual path can opt for this type of meditation. • Transcendental Meditation: A spiritual meditative form where practitioners breathe slowly while seated. They aim to rise above their current state of being. Benefits include both heightened awareness and spiritual experiences. Meditation is a great method for maintaining your health and well-being, and the best part is, there are no adverse effects on your body. So, find the meditation technique that works for you and get started.
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