Which fruits are necessary for diabetics to avoid?
Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals. However, certain fruits can spike blood sugar levels in diabetics due to their high sugar and carb content. • Bananas: A medium-sized banana has as many carbs as two servings of most other fruits. Have half a banana at a time if you can’t resist the fruit altogether. • Grapes and Cherries: Each grape or cherry contains 1 g carbohydrate meaning a cup full of 20-25 grapes or cherries will load you with copious amounts of carbohydrates. Diabetics can have these fruits but in limited quantities. • Pineapple: This high glycemic index fruit can raise your blood sugar level. Do not have more than half a cup and consume that with a protein-rich food like low-fat curd. • Dried Fruits: These have higher concentrations of sugar and must be avoided. Example: a cup of grapes has 27 g carbs, including 1 g fiber whereas a cup of raisins has 115 g carbs with 5 g fiber. • Fruit Juices: Unlike fresh fruits, fruit juices have a greater quantity of sugar and can spike blood glucose levels the same way as sugary beverages do. Fructose in fruit juices causes risk to insulin resistance, cardiac disorders and obesity. Certain fruit juices (grape juice or canned products with added sugar) have more carbs and sugars than soda. Similarly, canned vegetables with extra sodium should be avoided.
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