Which factors affect your menopause age?

Dr. Sankar Das Mahapatra

Infertility Specialist
The age of a woman during menopause depends on a culmination of factors. However, the primary reason is the age at which the person’s mother had her menopause. Why? Because menopause has strong ties to genetics. This is not the rule, however, and several exceptions exist. For example, many woman attain menopausal age very early – sometimes before the age of 45 – without any reason. This could be attributed to some genetic mutation or inherited issues. So, if a woman’s mother attained menopause at the age of 40, but her grandmother and sisters were around 50 years of age when they had theirs, it’s difficult to determine whether she will follow the first path or the second. Other factors that contribute to menopause include: • Smoking: Your ovaries sustain the greatest damage from smoking. So, if you’re prone to smoking but your mother wasn’t a smoker, you’ll probably attain menopause earlier than her. • Chemotherapy: The majority of chemotherapy treatments administered to younger women are slightly toxic to the ovaries. So, certain women experience temporary menopause when undergoing chemotherapy. • Ovarian Surgery: Ovarian operations damage healthy tissues. That’s why medical options should be the treatment of choice to avoid constant surgeries and avoid early menopause. • Ethnicity: Menopause also depends greatly on your ethnic group. African-American and Hispanic women, for example, attain menopause early on, while Japanese and Chinese a bit later. The average woman undergoes menopause based on a number of factors. You should discuss the symptoms with your doctor for the correct course of treatment.
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