Which exercises promote weight loss?
Crash diets often end up in nutritional deficiencies that in turn cause muscle loss. A healthy way to blast off fat then is exercising. Exercising reaps other benefits as well like improved metabolic health, physical-mental fitness and body constitution. Below are a few exercises you can take up regularly to shed excess fat and attain good body shape: • Cardio: Walking, running, jumping rope, cycling, spinning, aerobics, dancing, swimming, etc. are good options to burn calories quickly, including the belly fat. These full-body workouts engage your core and help melt fat from the key areas. • Resistance Training: Strength training builds lean muscle mass that boosts metabolism meaning you shed more calories throughout the day even while at rest. Muscles are responsible to burn around 30 calories per pound. Resistance workouts help build bones as well, keeping at bay diseases like osteoporosis in women. Weight lifting, tubing, pull ups, push-ups, etc. are instances that enhance strength, muscle mass and tone. • High Intensity Interval Training: HIIT workout involves intensive anaerobic exercising with intervals of less intensive recovery periods. It boosts glucose metabolism that sets in a continual weight loss process. HIIT melts fat especially that piled around your waist line. Burpees, jumping jacks, squats, raised arm circles, high knees, spider climbs, butterfly kicks, triceps kickback, etc. are a few HIIT techniques done with or without equipment. • Martial Arts: Switch to martial arts training if you want to achieve good body composition. Your stamina and self-defense skills will also improve tremendously. These highly targeted techniques work on functions like strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, gross motor control, flexibility and agility. Kickboxing, judo/hapkido, karate, capoeira, kung fu/taekwondo, MMA and krav maga are among the best to put off weight.
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