Which are the best foods to increase hemoglobin in diabetics?
Blood hemoglobin level often decreases in diabetics. Simultaneously, low hemoglobin may induce symptoms of anemia like headaches, pale skin, tiredness, weakness, labored breathing, decreased appetite, fainting spells, etc. Here are a few home remedies to boost production of blood and hemoglobin: • Fenugreek and Sesame Seeds: Fenugreek seeds can significantly improve hemoglobin and blood sugar levels over time. Soak 2 tsp. fenugreek seeds overnight and consume on empty stomach for about 1.5 months. Sesame seeds also pick great amounts of iron and essential nutrients to raise your hemoglobin naturally. • Green Foods: Green leafy veggies like spinach are packed with iron and essential vitamins to boost your hemoglobin quickly. Likewise, you can go for other iron-dense sources, such as fresh raw curry leaves or coriander juice. • Fruits: Papaya and orange can spike hemoglobin while raisins, apples, dried figs, watermelon and grapes enhance blood count and the flow of RBCs. Citrus fruits, such as grapefruit and lemon also raise the blood count and attract iron into the bloodstream. • Nuts: Groundnuts and almonds are loaded with essential nutrients including iron and help regulate your hemoglobin. • Beetroot: Beets are known to increase blood count, restore iron content and get the RBCs flowing. • Starches: Opt for iron-rich starches like wheat, oat or rice bran to improve your hemoglobin. • Proteins: Get your proteins from dairy products like milk, eggs, soy, organ meat, etc. to supplement the production of hemoglobin from iron sources. Go for low-fat milk, spiced with turmeric to increase hemoglobin even more.
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