Which are some of the best cardio exercises?
Cardiovascular or cardio exercises are designed to balance the intensity, duration and frequency of your workouts to maximize safety and output. Here’s a list of a few cardio exercises that involve a total body muscle workout: • Jumping Jacks: An easy exercise form with no requirement of any equipment, jumping jacks make you jump with your feet wide and arms circling overhead. You can burn up around 100 calories in a 10 minute session. • Jumping Rope: This well-known form of exercise is doable anywhere you have space in your house. You need to jump over a rope while turning it overhead through its handles. Jumping rope is effective in burning around 220 calories in a 20 minute session. • Mountain Climbers: You need to move your knees in and out in a push-up position. A form of compound exercise, mountain climbers help improve mobility and functional fitness. • Bear Crawls: This exercise involves squatting on the floor while moving the hands out to do a push-up and then standing again like a bear while the hands are moved back. • HIIT Training: HIIT involves short bursts of various bodyweight exercises (mountain climbers and burpees) with other cardio exercises (running, jump rope, rowing). You need to alternate between high and low-intensity workouts for multiple sets. HIIT workout is considered one of the best for burning fat, building muscle, boosting metabolism and enhancing muscle endurance in both men and women.
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