When is chemotherapy a suitable treatment for breast cancer?
Chemotherapy is one of the most common forms of breast cancer treatment in India, which relies on drugs to target and destroy the affected cells. These drugs are administered as a pill or into a vein via a needle. Chemotherapy coupled with other treatments like hormones, radiation, and surgery helps improves the chances of a cure while minimizing the symptoms. If your cancer has spread or recurred, chemotherapy is just about the best way to control the breast cancer so you live longer. In fact, the treatment can ease the symptoms caused by the cancer. • After Surgery: Chemotherapy is administered once you’ve had surgery for removing a tumor from the breast. It helps destroy undetected cancer cells and reduces the risk of recurring cancer, thereby minimizing the risk of metastasizing. Women who find lymph nodes close to their breast with the tumor are the people who need chemotherapy the most. • Before Surgery: Chemotherapy sometimes helps shrink large tumors when given prior to surgery. This form of therapy enables the surgeon to remove the tumor entirely, decrease the possibility of its return, decrease the chances of lymph node diseases, and make it possible to remove just the tumor without sacrificing the whole breast. Chemotherapy is great for patients with advanced breast cancer who want to cure the disease while improving the length and quality of their life. Sure, there are some side effects, but consulting with the doctor can help improve your condition through effective treatment.
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