What surgery is used to remove ovarian cysts?

Dr. Deepti Gupta

Laparoscopic Surgeon
Ovarian symptoms are a common occurrence in many women. In most cases, the cysts go away after a couple of months without any treatment. The need for treatment depends on the appearance and size of the cyst, any available symptoms, and menopause. Ovarian cysts that have grown in size or exhibit persistent symptoms must be removed surgically. Surgery is also suggested by physicians if there are concerns that the ovarian cyst might be cancerous or could succumb to cancer. Two kinds of surgery are normally suggested for treating ovarian cysts. Both the surgeries are carried out under general anesthetic. • Laparotomy: Large cysts or potentially cancerous cysts are removed via a complex laparotomy. The entire cyst or ovary is removed via a single, large cut. The patient may need to stay in the hospital a couple of days following the procedure for recovery. • Laparoscopy: The majority of ovarian cysts are removable via a simple laparoscopic surgery. This keyhole surgery involves making small cuts in the tummy and blowing gas into the pelvis so that the surgeon can access the ovaries. After inserting a laparoscope into the abdomen, the surgeon removes the cyst via the cuts. Due to the lower amount of pain and faster recovery time associated with this surgery, patients can go home the same or following day.
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