What sort of treatment options are available for acne?
Various creams and solutions are now available that offer relief from acne. The best acne treatment products in the market minimize sebum secretion, cut down on bacterial growth, or promote the shedding of your skin cells so the pores get unclogged. Check out a few options below: • Retinoids: Serums or creams containing retinoid combat closed comedones and blackheads. They promote faster regeneration of skin cells and stimulate collagen production. • Isotretinoin: This vitamin A derivative is consumed orally, and works wonders for persistent, severe cases of acne vulgaris. • Spironolactone: An oral medication, spironolactone works wonders on skin hormones, thereby reducing acne in adult women. • Benzoyl Peroxide: Topical benzoyl peroxide, when applied directly, kills the bacteria causing acne and reduces flare-ups. • Salicylic Acid: Applying salicylic acid continuously on your skin remedies abnormal cell shedding and unclogs pores, thereby eliminating lesions. • Soap and Water: Gently clean your face twice everyday with water and soap for clearing up mild acne. Although different therapies exist, many have side effects and patients need to exercise caution when opting for a new acne scar treatment. If consistent application fails to cure your persistent acne problem, consult a dermatologist for the best acne and pimples treatment. Consult a dermatologist and he/she will guide you on the best treatment for your condition.
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