What should beginners know before attempting yoga?
If you are doing yoga for the first time, here are some handy tips for you: • Yoga Clothing: Choose comfortable clothes that let you twist, stretch, turn and move your body parts freely. Go for body-fitting sweat pants and long shirts that will not clump together and expose your body parts. The fabric should be breathable yet sweat-absorbent. Do not wear sticky socks and stay barefoot to feel more grounded on the mat. • Yoga Props: No equipment may be required initially except a yoga mat. Pick one that’s simple, sturdy and feels natural and supportive. However, in time, a couple of props will be needed to perform the advanced versions of asanas. These include a strap, a bolster, blanket, a pair of blocks and a chair. While these tools are meant to give you extra room and stability, you can always use them to perform new, creative techniques. • Yoga Breathing: Deep breathing, breath control, conscious breathing and connecting with the ‘third eye’ (the center point between the eyebrows) help us work on our vital life force - the 'prana'. Breathing is the essence of meditation and pranayamas, and must be heeded to even by beginners. Breath work also lets us delve into our inner world and avoid distractions. The journey from shallow to deep breathing will be a rewarding experience. • Yoga Timings: No workout should be done on a full stomach else the food will hinder your movements. As you exercise, the body also utilizes energy reserves of the liver and muscles, and melts stored fat. If you already have food in your stomach, it will affect this process of fat burning and in turn, the weight loss you desire.
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