What meditation techniques are used for relaxation?
Feeling anxious and stressed? Feeling overwhelmed by your schedule? Take a break and relax with stress management meditation techniques. Bring some calm and peace into your life with the method described below: The body always remains in the present moment. So, if you focus on it, the mind stays quiet. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Rotate the awareness slowly inside your body beginning with your toes. Imagine a wave of relaxation spreading from the leg upwards all the way to your hips. Once you’re done, gradually bring your awareness to the fingers and imagine a wave of relaxation moving all the way up through your hands to the shoulders. Let your belly relax, and feel the deep breath moving your stomach and chest region. Make sure your back muscles are relaxed along with your head and neck muscles. Now, focus on your face and release any tension present in your jaw and face muscles. Pay attention to your body, and move the wave of relaxation where it is actually needed. Make sure you continue the entire procedure for at least five to ten minutes before you resume your daily activities. Meditation techniques have numerous benefits, one of which is relaxation. By extending the exhale and triangulating your breathing, you can actually minimize stressful feelings.
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