What kind of doctor treats erectile dysfunction?
There is nothing called an erectile dysfunction specialist. However, a number of different professionals offer you the treatment and help you turn this condition around. So, if you have trouble getting and maintaining an erection during sexual activity, it is best to consult your primary care physician. They usually possess an insight into the status of your health and your existing condition, and you can freely discuss your medical history with them as well as your present issues. • Primary Care Physician: A primary physician will get to the root of the problem, targeting the factors that hamper your sexual urges and performance in the first place. In case the doctor finds that your erectile dysfunction is the product of stress, he/she may recommend you to a urologist. • Urologist: This doctor is an expert in male reproductive health. In case your condition is caused by mental reasons, you may have to go visit a psychologist for therapy and counselling. Moreover, if you’ve recently had rectal, bladder, or prostate surgery or radiation, a urologist is the best person to discuss oral medication and other erectile dysfunction treatment modalities that are available at the lowest possible price and minimal side effects. Irrespective of the doctor you plan to see for treating your male impotency problem, remember to shelve any ego issues and embarrassment. Open up about the causes and symptoms of your condition and how they are affecting your life.
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