What is the treatment available for HIV?

Dr. Raveendran SR

Medical Microbiologist
HIV infection is an incurable condition. However, new medical developments have provided patients with treatment options that increase life expectancy of HIV-infected people and allow them to stay more active during the course of their lives. Proper medication can prevent the worsening of the infection by restricting the activities of the virus. In turn, it can curb the impact of the infection on your body. Along with this, regular check-ups are important to check the status of the disease. Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) The medical community refers to the drugs that treat HIV as antiretroviral medicines. This class of drugs is further classified into six major types depending on their mode of operation and how they combat the infection in the body. These types are entry inhibitors, protease inhibitors, integrase inhibitors, NNRTIs, NRTIs, and booster drugs. It is strongly advised that a combination of antiretroviral medicines is taken as they help fight the virus more effectively. You can also check whether the virus is becoming treatment-resistant with antiretroviral therapy. It is a well-known fact that HIV infection makes your body predisposed to other kinds of health problems by weakening your immune system. The doctor may prescribe medications for these HIV-induced conditions as well. Precisely which drugs are suitable for you will depend on factors like your medical history, co-existing health issues, alternative or complementary medicines being taken, supplements being taken, recreational drugs being taken, the status of your immune system functioning and the number of pills you want to take every day. You must fix an appointment with a doctor if you suspect being infected or have been diagnosed with HIV. He/she can best guide you about the latest HIV treatments, their success rate, cost, accessibility, and other related aspects.
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