What is the importance of nutrition and exercise for different people?
A nutritious diet and regular exercise boost overall health and quality of life. Foods rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and antioxidants are strongly recommended. In other words, one should have plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and water or fluid. Exercising for half-an-hour each day enhances endurance and stamina. Walking, cycling, swimming, skipping or yoga are some good activities you can take up as per your preference. Here are some of the advantages of a healthy diet and exercise schedule for adults: • Helps to maintain optimal weight • Improves cardiac and artery health, and reduces risk of cardiovascular disorders • Lowers risk of certain types of cancer • Improves functioning of vital organs • Improves mental and emotional health • Regulates cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and blood circulation • Makes you fitter for day-to-day routine tasks Importance of nutrition and exercise in childhood: • Healthy edibles meet growth and developmental needs • Nutritious foods have a positive impact on learning ability • Nutritious foods protect children from infections and diseases • Under-nourishment reduces activity levels, social engagements, curiosity and cognitive functions in children • Nutritional deficiencies may cause serious disorders in children like vitamin D deficiency, rickets, iron deficiency, delayed psychomotor development, protein deficiency, etc. Importance of nutrition in sports: • Nutrition improves stamina, performance and endurance of athletes • As a source of energy, it fuels different physical activities • It cuts down the risk of injuries and ailments • It speeds up the recovery time from an exercise or training session • Proteins play a key role in muscle building and repairs (proteins are the building blocks of cells)
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