What is the best treatment for nightfall?
The best way to prevent nightfall is to change the patient’s lifestyle and follow the guidance of the doctor. This includes limiting the frequency of masturbation and avoiding nude pictures and porn. But some other alternatives exist as well. • Meditation improves concentration and controls inner feelings. Men get distracted from unwanted activities and eventually learn to control nightfall. • Yoga and exercise enable a person to be in full control of their body, mind, and soul. Regular exercises and yoga help take the mind off sex-related activities that are often linked to nightfall. • Bathing with essential oils before sleeping relaxes the mind and body and promotes sound sleep. • Dietary changes should also prove beneficial in reducing nightfall. Nightfall is more of a nuisance than a health scare. However, if the problem becomes frequent and persistent, you should speak to a doctor and seek treatment as soon as possible.
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