What is the best prediabetic diet for Indians?
Prediabetes is a condition characterized by higher-than-normal blood sugar levels without all of the other evident diabetic symptoms. It is like a warning sign of diabetes mellitus, making intervention a pressing need for susceptible individuals. Read the dietary tips below to manage increased blood glucose levels: • Curb intake of sweetened and fatty edibles that provide empty calories. This includes sweetened beverages, fried snacks, chips, desserts, processed foods, alcohol, coffee or tea with added white sugar, restaurant meals, etc. • Opt for complex and low or moderate GI carbs, such as those found in steel-cut oats, whole grains, brown, converted or wild rice, barley, quinoa, corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, legumes, nuts, beans, most fruits and veggies, low-fat dairy, millets, etc. Low GI foods will balance your meals and check blood sugar spikes, reversing prediabetes. • Limit your portions, especially when having simple and high GI carbs like those found in wheat, white rice, white bread, breakfast cereals, etc. • Consume high-fiber foods, such as whole grains, veggies, fruits, legumes, beans, brans, meats, soy products, etc. on a daily basis. Fiber ranks low on GI and keeps you feeling full for longer, preventing overeating. • Steam, barbeque, boil, grill, toast, bake or sauté your meals instead of deep-frying them. • Acquire healthy fats from olive and vegetables oils, peanut and almond butters, seeds, nuts, avocadoes, etc. and avoid trans or saturated fats found in certain animal meats, margarine, tropical oils (palm or coconut oils), full-fat dairy, etc. • Prefer protein-dense, lean meats, such as skinless chicken and turkey, and fish, instead of those loaded with saturated fats. • Curb your salt consumption as excess sodium causes water retention, triggers thirst and appetite, and kills off the healthy gut flora — all factors leading to weight gain. • Drink plenty of water and avoid dehydrating beverages like alcohol.
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