What is the best Indian diet plan to treat gestational diabetes?
Blood glucose levels may soar during pregnancy due to low insulin production. This condition is termed as gestational diabetes and requires strict monitoring of the daily diet. It is highly advisable that expectant mothers suffering from high blood sugar levels consult a professional dietician to chart out a personalized diet plan depending on their age, weight, height, activity level and other variables. Meanwhile, here are a few tips for your everyday nutrition that will help control gestational diabetes: • Sizing up Portions: Space out calories throughout the span of a whole day, instead of loading up in a single meal. Measure your portions, particularly for carb-rich foods. Your main course as well as the snacks should be well-balanced. • Maintaining Proper Frequency of Eating: The golden rule of three reasonably-sized meals a day stands valid. Supplement this with healthy snacking thrice or four times a day. • Fixing Meal Timings: Do not skip meals. Follow a definite eating schedule. Attempt to come up with a routine that corresponds with your natural hunger pangs. Early dinner ensures better digestion. Avoid fruits and fruit juices in the morning to curb blood sugar elevation. • Cutting Down on Carbs: Prefer complex carbs and fiber-rich foods like brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, barley, rye, quinoa, pumpkin, whole wheat, beans, sweet corn, legumes, semolina, etc. These foods combined with fresh veggies are good options for your main courses. Dalia, vegetable khichdi, suji upma, millets dosa, jowar roti, moong dal, etc. are few Indian recipes to try. • Consuming Lean Proteins: Blood sugar levels tend to remain moderate with proteins and they also keep you feeling full for long. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian sources are available in the form of eggs, low-fat dairy, fish, nuts, nut butters, white meat, soy foods, seeds, etc. • Opting for Healthier Beverages: Pick only decaffeinated, non-sugary and non-fatty beverages. • Choosing Healthier Calcium Sources: Get your calcium from healthier sources and limit intake of milk that’s high on simple sugar and lactose.
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