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doctor my husband hd a surgery recently..abdominal surgery….hes constipated after it….says stomach aches n feels tight al d time….hes not being able to go to the loo timely….goes once a week..or 2 max….what foods or medicines to eat or other tips u can suggest?
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A number of factors can leave you constipated as the result of a surgery. Anesthesia, diuretics, muscle relaxants, pain killers, etc. given during pre- and post-surgery are among the medicinal reasons. Dietary changes and reduced physical activity are other lifestyle-related reasons. However, you need not worry as post-surgery constipation is common but short-lasting in most cases. Make a point to include as much fiber in your diet as you can to ease defecation. Fruits, veggies, bran, beans, lentils, sweet potatoes, nuts and seeds are packed with fiber. Drink plenty of water that acts as a digestive aid in breaking down food in the stomach. To prevent dehydration, you should also avoid caffeinated beverages. Together with these, try to exercise a bit daily even though it’s a short walk after dinner or a domestic chore. Physical activities help in the movement of food through the intestines. But check with your doctor first if you can take up exercise.

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