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im male 45 years. In the last 6-7 months, im finding it hard to get an erection..i kept quiet for sm time thinking it could be due to low mood bt now I feel the problem is something else and deeper. I ws diagnosed with diabetes type 2 1 year bk and im on diabetes medicines since then. Cud tht be a reason? what causes erectile dysfunction in men?
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Erectile dysfunction is caused by a number of physical or psychological triggers, or a mix of both. Among the physical causes, diabetes (particularly type 2) is a major one. 50% of individuals diagnosed with type 2 diabetes start facing troubles with erection within a couple of years. In your case, it’s highly likely that the issue is stemming from diabetes. In some cases, ED occurs even before the detection of diabetes. Immoderate blood glucose levels harm blood vessels and nerves, in turn, affecting the ability for erection. Related chronic conditions visible with diabetes like high BP or heart disease can also cause or worsen ED. You ought to let know your doctor and figure out a suitable treatment. Oral drugs, suppositories, injectable medications, vacuum constrictive devices and penile implants are usually the treatment options resorted to. The doctor may also advise you to better manage your diabetes, alter your medications and ask you to make healthy lifestyle choices to improve your condition.

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