What causes breast cancer?
While the precise causes behind breast cancer development remain unclear, research has helped uncover the main risk factors. The leading factors include family history and advancing age. Women with certain kinds of benign breast lumps or those who’ve had cancer of the ovaries or breast before are more susceptible to the disease. Research has helped identify two genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 that contribute to familial breast cancer. Nearly one in 2000 women carry these genes. Normally, females who have passed 50 years of age have a higher chance of contracting breast cancer than younger women. Race also plays a big part in breast cancer statistics, with African-American women being more predisposed to this disease before menopause than Caucasians. Breast cancer is also linked to hormones. The more exposed someone is to the estrogen hormone, the more prone she becomes to breast cancer. A woman’s exposure to progesterone and estrogen increases and decreases during her lifetime, and is impacted by the age she begins and stops her menstruation cycle, her cycle’s average length, and the age during her first childbirth. Some research indicates that hormone replacement therapy during menopause with combined progestin and estrogen increases the risk of breast cancer. Increased doses of radiation therapy could also contribute to the development of this painful condition’s symptoms.
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