What Ayurvedic cures are available for erectile dysfunction?
Male impotence is a common problem in India, stemming from depression, smoking, penile problems, mental stress, nerve problems, alcohol, and low testosterone levels. Many patients have questions regarding the effectiveness of Ayurveda on this condition. Ayurveda claims erectile dysfunction occurs when one of the vaayus in your body gets disrupted. Known as apaanavayu, it is present in the groin, anus, phallus, urinary bladder, and testicles, and controls erection, ejaculation, and even the passage of urine and stool. There is no standalone permanent Ayurvedic cure for erectile dysfunction. The condition is treated with a mix of massage, herbal pills, and changes in the person’s lifestyle. Together these remedies are known as vajikarana therapy, and they aim to improve the motility and quality of your sperm. • Ayurvedic Remedies: Some herbs used to cure erectile dysfunction naturally and permanently include lauhabhasma, kupeelu, hingula, pravalapishti, yashtimadhu, vangabhasma, kapikacchu, and shilajitu, all of which help improve sperm count. They also extend the duration for which men are able to maintain an erection. • Ayurvedic Massages: Ayurveda practitioners use different oils to minimize a person’s stress. Stress is the primary cause of erectile dysfunction. Herbal oils used to massage the body contain herbs like bala kalka and bala kashaya that possess restorative powers. Massaging the penis with sesame-based oils relaxes your pelvic area, makes your erection last longer, and improves blood circulation. • Lifestyle Changes: Ayurveda recommends meditation and yoga to erectile dysfunction patients who want to refresh their mind and energize their body. The faster your body reacts to the treatment, the quicker your erectile dysfunction is cured. Ayurveda works wonders for numerous individuals afflicted with erectile dysfunction. But you should question your physician about the problem before choosing the best course of treatment.
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