What are the symptoms of depression?
A crushing feeling of desolation persisting for more than two weeks is a classic sign of depression. The patient's thoughts, emotions, conduct, and inclinations are all affected by his/her mental state. However, diagnosis is possible only if the following signs and symptoms are noticed over an extended period of time: • Social Withdrawal: Subjects tend to avoid leisure activities, going outdoors, and mingling with their family members and even closest friends. This may extend to not feeling like eating to not wanting to have sexual intercourse. • Physical Indicators: Depression is often accompanied by fatigue, weariness, muscle spasms, headaches, sleeping issues, over/under appetite, weight gain/loss, stomach churning and other digestive problems. • Mental and Emotional Health: Sinking confidence, loss of concentration, guilt, emptiness, anxiousness, sluggish thinking, frustration, despair, testiness, constant waffling, poor self-opinion, helplessness and pessimism are commonly observed in most cases. • Behavioral Changes: Due to the subject’s feelings going haywire, they may underperform at work to the extent that even simple tasks may seem tiresome at times. • Drug Dependence: Taking up sedatives or alcohol consumption is also a possibility during periods of depression. • Latent Gloominess: Pondering upon death and other bleak subjects, and harboring suicidal thoughts are some signs of this rising gloominess. Subjects also tend to take risks without any consideration.
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