What are the suitable follow-up care methods after breast cancer survival?
Relief and excitement are the two main emotions women experience after successful breast cancer treatment. However, the fear of remission soon kicks their survival instincts into high gear and prompts them to take follow-up appointments with their doctors seriously. The truth is, most cancer treatments have side effects. Some last a few weeks or days, but others may persist a long time. During the follow-up care sessions, you may even ask questions regarding any concerns or problems you might notice. Follow a fixed schedule • Doctor Visits: Schedule follow-ups at monthly intervals. The longer you’re cancer-free, the less often you require appointments. • Mammograms: You need mammograms every 6 to 12 months post-surgery and radiation, and then once every year. • Pelvic Exams: Annual pelvic exams are necessary for women who take the hormone drugs toremifene or tamoxifen and still have their uterus unaffected since the drugs increase the possibility of uterine cancer. • Bone Density Tests: Women who experience the stages of menopause due to treatment or take aromatase inhibitors for early stage breast cancer should consider bone density testing. Women have successfully beaten invasive breast cancer may suffer from different side effects. In fact, survivors contract other types of cancer at a higher rate. So, regular health check-ups are a must for an effective survivorship care plan.
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