What are the signs and symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in adults?
OCD, as the name suggests, includes both obsessions and compulsions. But some patients may exhibit either obsession symptoms or just compulsion symptoms. Adults and young adults do not often realize that their obsessive-compulsive behavior is unreasonable or excessive, but the reality is, they take a whole lot of time interfering with the daily routine along with social or work functioning. Symptoms of Obsession: Persistent, repeated, and unwanted images, thoughts, or urges are often intrusive and trigger anxiety disorder in patients. People often attempt to ignore them or eliminate them but they intrude with regular activities. Some examples of obsessive behavior include needing things to be symmetrical or orderly, fear of dirt or contamination, unwanted thoughts, and other horrific or aggressive thoughts about harming yourself or others. Compulsion Signs: These are repetitive behaviors you’re driven to perform. These mental acts or repetitive behaviors help reduce or prevent anxiety connected to your obsessions and help you avoid something bad. But engaging in compulsions temporarily provides no pleasure and only temporary relief from anxiety. Compulsions normally have themes like checking, orderliness, washing and cleaning, demanding reassurances, and following a strict schedule. Some patients wash their hands until the skin becomes raw while others silently engage in the same phrase, word, or prayer.
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