What are the signs and symptoms of obesity in kids?
When trying to determine what is child obesity, please note that not all kids who carry some extra pounds are obese or overweight. There are many children who have body frames that are larger than average. Children usually carry varied amounts of body fat at different stages of development. So, it’s not easy to judge from the appearance of a kid if weight is a serious concern. BMI or body mass index, which offers a guideline of weight in connection to height, is the accepted measure of obesity and overweight. Your baby’s doctor can use the BMI, growth charts, and other tests, if required, to help understand whether your child’s weight is likely to cause health issues. If you think your kid is packing the pounds, speak to his or her physician on how to reduce weight. The doctor will take into account the history of growth of your kid and his or her development, the position of your child on the growth charts, and your family’s weight-for-height history. This helps determine if the weight gain in children falls in the unhealthy range.
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