What are the significant signs and symptoms of dementia?
The symptoms of dementia usually vary as per the cause of the disease. However, in the early stages, signs of the condition are quite subtle and cannot be detected immediately. These symptoms also vary considerably. Normally, people notice problems with memory, especially those connected to recent events. This memory loss may affect daily activities since the patient may forget things frequently or fail to remember them entirely. They may also face difficulties when trying to perform familiar tasks. Confusion regarding time and place are commonly seen as are problems with language. People with dementia often have trouble remembering simple words or they use inappropriate words. This makes their sentences quite difficult to understand. Patients experience problems with abstract thinking. For example, they may not know what certain numbers mean. Poor or decreased judgment is another symptom that makes it hard for dementia patients to judge direction or distance while driving a car. Problems with misplaced items is common as are changes in behavior and personality. Dementia causes people to tire of certain activities. Vascular dementia patients experience confusion, memory problems, concentration or attention deficit issues, and decline in ability to analyze situations. Lewy body dementia may cause visual hallucinations, sleep difficulties, apathy, depression, cognitive problems, and poor regulation of body functions.
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