What are the side effects of nightfall?
Many people are aware of nightfall or wet dreams, but few are willing to admit the problem. The condition is completely natural among men, but if it happens frequently, it is better to consult a qualified doctor so they can explain the side effects. Excessive masturbation is often thought to be the reason behind nocturnal emissions. Masturbating in short intervals may weaken your parasympathetic nerve, which holds your erections and helps lock the semen into your organ. Continuous masturbation weakens the nerve and makes you susceptible to wet dreams, even when you are slightly aroused. In rare cases, humans may have to deal with the consequences of frequent nightfall. Some experience erection trouble while others undergo fatigue and hormonal imbalance owing to excess nightfall. Your body begins to lose its energy and strength owing to frequent wet dreams. Many hold the belief that nightfall is related to the size of the male sex organ or penis. However, there is nothing to suggest a correlation between the two. Nor does frequent nightfall increase or decrease the penis’ size. If you wish to eliminate the problem, consult a doctor. Don’t feel bad about it because you are not alone. Just muster the courage to discuss your condition in detail with the physician, so he/she can recommend a suitable course of treatment.
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