What are the side effects of depression?
Depression can trigger a range of short and long term side-effects on your mind and body: • Poor Physical Health: Depressive disorders pose the risk of numerous physical health problems. Subjects often resort to bingeing as a coping mechanism that means the onset of weight gain or obesity. Alternatively, there may be a loss of appetite that can lead to malnutrition. Anorexia of aging or geriatric anorexia may be seen in depressed elderly due to decreased interest in eating. Depression also blunts our resistance to infections, chronic body aches, pains unresponsive to medicines, headaches, etc. Depressed elderly may also need to struggle with reaction time and memory in their routine life. In extreme cases, depression may lead subjects to ponder on grim subjects like death or actually hurting themselves. • Difficulty in Recovery: Studies suggest that survivors of heart attack or strokes suffering from major depression often face difficulty in taking decisions pertaining to their well-being. Disease management and healthcare become problematic for them. Also, these subjects are prone to a higher risk of death in the initial few months following the heart attack. • Reliance on Substance Use: Individuals with depressive disorders may seek solace in drug or alcohol addiction. • Disrupted Sleep Cycle: Depression often disturbs healthy sleeping patterns, causing the onset of insomnia, increased sleep cravings, difficulty falling asleep, waking up before time and trouble sleeping again after waking up in the middle of night. Depression symptoms, such as weariness, excessive draining of energy, loss of concentration, irritability, etc. may worsen as a result of these sleep disturbances. The severity, duration and frequency of these signs vary among individuals. Also, keep in mind that not everyone will exhibit such symptoms.
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