What are the risk factors of venereal diseases?
Venereal disease is another name for morbus venereus or as they are more commonly known, sexually transmitted diseases. Anybody who is sexually active risks getting exposed to venereal diseases to a certain extent. However, certain factors increase the risk like: • Unprotected Sex: Anal or vaginal penetration by infected partners not wearing latex condoms raises the chances of contracting a venereal disease considerably. Inconsistent or improper use of condoms may also increase the risk. • Multiple Sexual Partners: The more people you have sex with, the greater the risk of contracting a venereal disease. This holds true for both concurrent partners as well as monogamous consecutive relationships. • History of STDs: People who suffered from STDs in the past are more likely than others to contract one again. • Drug Use: Sharing infected needles can lead to severe infections, like hepatitis B or C, HIV, etc. • Alcohol and Drug Abuse: Substance abuse inhibits judgment, making people more susceptible to risky behavior. There are different types of tests available to detect the entire list of venereal disease symptoms.
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