What are the risk factors associated with an anxiety attack?
While anxiety disorders develop due to several causes, the below risk factors scale up your vulnerability to developing them: • Prior Exposure to Traumatic Incidents: A pre experience of sexual or emotional abuse, war, bloodshed, natural disaster, accident, violence, repression or some other traumatic occurrence may take a toll on the witness’ mind predisposing him to anxiety disorders. • Disturbed Mental Health: Prolonged stress induced by constant worrying about an existing disease or illness may develop into an anxiety disorder. Also, depression is common among all patients due to their constant efforts to deal with a disease. Depression and other mental health disorders often become the origin of anxiety conditions. Likewise, stress provoked by a tragic happening or continual stress over routine events or life situations can slowly develop into a serious anxiety disorder. Examples: death of a kin/beloved, financial issues, disease management, work related stress, change of ambience etc. • Personality Traits: Subjects with anxiety disorders commonly display certain characteristics, namely, overthinking, timidity, inhibitions, irritability, empathy, acute imagination, avoidance, unruliness, low self-esteem, perfectionism, resistance to change etc. Studies suggest that those harboring these qualities are at a higher risk of experiencing excess anxiety. • Drugs or Alcohol Abuse: Substance abuse has a problematic relationship with anxiety attacks. Alcohol, tobacco or drugs misuse can evoke anxious feelings or worsen anxiety symptoms. On the other hand, anxiety becomes a hurdle in your way to quit addictions. Treating one is likely to shed positive impact on the other. • Genetic Factors: Anxiety disorders may run in families. Due to underlying biological factors (kin suffering with anxiety), you may become prone to anxiety conditions. Yet, blood relation with those with mental health issues doesn’t mean you’ll always have a related disorder. • Gender: Greater number of anxiety disorder cases have been reported in women than in men.
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