What are the reasons behind developing a urinary tract infection at the time of pregnancy?
Numerous factors contribute to the development of urinary tract infection symptoms during pregnancy, such as: • Physical Changes: Women everywhere are at risk of contracting urinary tract infections, but pregnant women are at greater risk. Hormonal changes give rise to bacteria that find it easier to travel up the urinary tract and cause an infection. The enlarged uterus also adds pressure to the bladder, making it harder to urinate properly. • Gut Bacteria: The bacteria causing UTI may come from different places. E.coli is the most common invader, which comes from the bowel. Since the urethra is placed near the rectum, these bacteria get transported to the urethra and affect that region. Women should wipe from front to back each time they use the bathroom to keep the region bacteria-free. • Sexual Intercourse: Having sex at the time of pregnancy is natural. But it increases the chances of contracting a UTI since the bacteria near the vagina gets pushed into the urethra during sexual activity. That’s why it is important for women to urinate before and after sexual intercourse to pass the bacteria along. Rinse out the area in the shower after sex to keep UTIs at bay. Women, especially pregnant females, should follow stringent guidelines for management of urinary tract infection.
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