What are the primary causes of erectile dysfunction?
If you find it hard to achieve and maintain an erection during sex, you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction. While the problem itself isn’t life threatening, an ongoing problem may cause stress, affect your relationship, and chip away at your self-confidence. That’s not all, long-term male impotency is a sign of other underlying health problems that require treatment. The question is, what causes erectile dysfunction in the first place? Normally, a mix of psychological and physical issues are responsible for erectile dysfunction. Physical Causes: Physical causes of erectile dysfunction are actually more common than the psychological causes. But the two may coexist together. Erectile dysfunction connected to physical or medical causes is often treatable but less commonly curable. Some examples of such causes are: • Heart complications • High cholesterol • Obesity • Diabetes • Multiple sclerosis • Tobacco use • Some prescription medication • Sleep disorders • Parkinson’s disease • Clogged blood vessels • High blood pressure • Substance abuse like alcoholism • Peyronie’s disease • Metabolic syndrome • Injuries or surgeries that affect the spinal cord or pelvic area • Enlarged prostate or prostate cancer treatments Psychological Causes: Your brain plays a critical role in initiating a chain of physical reactions that lead to an erection, beginning with sexual excitement. However, various factors can interfere with your sexual feelings and worsen your condition. Some of these are: • Stress • Mental health problems like anxiety or depression • Relationship issues owing to poor communication, stress, and other concerns Erectile dysfunction problems can stem from a variety of factors, and you must visit a health specialist to know what contributed to your condition. Only after recognizing the symptoms will you be able to move forward with an effective plan for impotency treatment and natural cures.
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